I don’t often have cause to post indie rock songz these days but god fucking damn the new Los Campesinos! single is an absolute monster. Hyperactive wordy indie rock, as ever, but now with much much stronger vocal melodies and arrangements. The “I had a friend who had made a flag day, blood on their hands from shards of a heartbreak. I have known friends to crack from love’s weight, blossom in ribcage until their back breaks” half of the chorus is one of my favourite bits in any song to ever be recorded by my absolute favourite indie band. The album arrives soon, go pre-order it. They deserve it.

Get involved quick before they take over the world, or at least the world of British indie music.

So it seems Desaparecidos played new songs at their recent reunion show. So they might be an actual band again. So.

This is better than any Bright Eyes record. And I don’t hate Bright Eyes, but this is better than any Bright Eyes record. I do kinda hate a lot of the “Conor Oberst” records and this is obviously massively better than those. And based on interviews and his stage persona I don’t like Conor that much as a person, but this band…

The guitars in the chorus are just SO fucking good.

Thoughts On Some New Music. Like a proper blog.

New Childish Gambino

Is he trying to be ASAP or TI or something? It’s odd hearing that flow from him, but also  entertaining. “My girl looks like Miss Info” is great but the Treyvon shout feels like a cheap deployment of a serious issue and doesn’t make any sense in the context of the track. And “homophobes on gay shit” - what? Meanwhile, I really like “fucked up like white girls with dreadlocks” and the bit where he switches from talking to rapping mid sentence and the fake-Clams (etc) beat.

Gambino also pops up on the "international remix" of the new Sway single where he repeats his own jokes (the Mona Lisa bit here « the EE Cummings bit in Freaks and Geeks) and generally comes off as lazy and boring. Ho hum.

New Kendrick Lamar (feat. Dr De)

Dre feature seems an odd choice for his first big overground single, but his verse is solid. Kendrick is still being Kendrick - always pleasing but never amazing, to me. I need to hit Section 80 a few more times and see if it clicks. This is good, I like it (that beat is made for lazy summer afternoons) but I don’t yet get why everyone is going out for this guy. - That said, I only just “got” Danny Brown this weekend. Give me time, world.

New Liars

This is VERY good. Who knew I wanted to hear Liars doing Junior Boys doing krautrock? It looks good on them though and makes the promise of a “largely electronic” new record a very appealing one. They’ve always been good at “pretty” when they wanted to. I have a tendency to refract everything that gets released from April onwards through the prism of summer and if that new Kendrick is for doing absolutely nothing on a hot afternoon, this is the song you want on as you drive home through a cool night. The album’s out in June and based on this, could be doing some Best of the Year business. (On second listen: This could be like the brooding older brother to Cut Copy’s “Need You Now”).

New Dirty Projectors

(Inevitably, Jamieson Cox will write something much better about this than I could ever manage, so I’m not going to go deep here). I do kind of miss Longstreth sounding like he’s not really sure what singing is, but his new found vocal confidence is great. Still, my favourite moments are when he breaks loose from the croon and yelps. This surprisingly smooth and uh… will you all leave if I say funky? But specifically “funky” in a Spoon circa Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga way. It has the same feeling of having been broken down and rebuilt with fewer parts - for much of the song we’re just hearing vocals, drums and sprightly bass. It’s great but not “Stillness Is the Move” great, but, you know, not many songs are.

New Killer Mike

There’s a very real chance “R.A.P. Music” is going to be one of the best hip-hop records of 2012. No surprises here - Mike raps like he needs to and El-P’s beat is gymnastic and bombastic in equal measures, going from huge foreboding intro to a slimmer first verse then expanding to a bigger, bassier third section. Its really, really good.