Current Least Favourite Thing on Tumblr

An image file juxtaposing the lyrics of a Led Zeppelin song with the lyrics of Far East Movement’s “Fly Like a G6”, with the annotation “70s Lyrics” and “2010 Lyrics”.



The 70s were (as far as I’m concerned) the worst decade for pop culture since pop culture began. They are yet to be touched, they are yet to be APPROACHED on that front. I’ll take dumb drunken clubrap over meaningless mysticism any day. And hey, I liked Led Zeppelin when I was 14, I can still enjoy some of it (there’s a great mash up of All My Love with TLC’s Scrubs that I’m always more than willing to play when drunk) but… those songs are not lyrically interesting or enjoyable. They’re empty.

Fucking hippies. 

Fucking kids taking their Dad’s record collections as gospel. These fifteen year olds saying “Can we go back to the 70s?” and “our generation sucks” are just… mindblowing. (My favourite: “society has degenerated”. Yes, Led Zeppelin were basically The Moral Majority. Also in the notes is a girl who was apparently named “Kashmir” after the Zeppelin song (which, you know, terrible parents) and a smattering of racism. And a few heroes pointing out how idiotic the whole thing is.)

Jesus christ.

THIS IS THE GOLDEN AGE. IT IS HAPPENING NOW. Music with no guitars in is frequently just as awesome as music with guitars in! Authenticity is boring and bullshit! Fun is fun! Let’s not let dead white men rule our cultural landscapes (or our What Art is Good compasses) just because you don’t like the pop songs the other boys and girls are dancing to.


Rockism is absolutely one of my least favourite things, though I should PROBABLY stop letting it make me so angry and, also, should probably leave these things alone and just hope everyone involved grows out of it or at least never meets me.

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