"what music are you into?"
"i like this! it’s very grown up…"

Why y’all always gotta do Peppa like this

hahahaha this is brilliant

I was hoping it’d be this or Bobby Shmurda. Tumblr comes through sometimes.

Occasionally people who always sleep well will ask “what do you do? when you’re awake for this extra four or five hours when I’m sleeping, what do you do with that time?” and normally it’s really just the same stuff I’d do in the day (write things, make things, listen to and watch stuff, eat too much) but next time it comes up I’m going to try to insist in a deadpan manner that I spend the entire time pondering the tragedy of how good Donald Glover is at singing and writing hooks and how bad he is at rapping. Just that, non stop from 2am through to sunrise.

(I find myself listening to Telegraph Ave a lot recently and always wishing that one verse wasn’t there. Also, that there was just a full No-Gambino version of the Lloyd song. For an artist whose work I mostly really don’t like, I spend way too much time thinking about The Whole Childish Gambino Thing, maybe, at least partly, because of that brief period where I loved it. 2010? Is that right? No, 2011, spring 2011. Whatever. I wish I could sleep.)

If the Club Going Up on a Tuesday (Remix feat. Drake) video was just the montages of people singing the song, it would be one of my favourite videos of the year. It’s still great, but those sequences are just a perfect advert for how ridiculously catchy the hook is and feels like a quick overview of the moments so many of us had in the weeks after the original version of the song first blew up.

(… I still prefer the original, much as I love Drake. But whatever, as someone much smarter than me said on twitter, so long as Makonenn’s winning, it’s all good)