In June 2014 the Radio Times reported that whilst the programme would not be returning as a comedy, it may be reformatted as a drama instead
You know, I think we should be taking this approach with more TV shows. Your crime thriller not doing so well? Now it’s an ensemble comedy. Historical saga failing to woo a mass audience? Maybe it will as a gameshow. Sketch show? Not anymore you’re not, as of season 3 it’ll be more of a low key mumblecore slice of life thing with some really really sad bits.

Made the mistake of listening to the U2 album because hey it’s free and it’s there, why not (just kidding, I did it entirely because of the influence of Adam Scott) and now I have one of the absolute worst songs from it stuck in my head. Learn from me, children, do not repeat my fuck ups.

we’re reaching the point where I feel as uncomfortable using the word “important” in 2014 as I did using the word “epic” after like 2009 or “random” after 2006. I’m starting to forget what it means, or used to mean or is supposed to mean. I’m starting to barely even recognise it as a word. It’s abstract art, it’s an impressionist sculpture of children playing happily in a forest clearing. where the twitter devaluation of “classic” is a 90 minute by the numbers biopic of a good man corrupted by power, the tumblr devaluation of “important” is an east european arthouse horror nightmare from 1988 being released on blu ray for the first time. fuck.