It’s a new month. Should I start tweeting again? What if I started tweeting again but only about instrumental grime? Should I wait until anyone notices I’ve stopped tweeting? Should I wait beyond that until there is a public outcry and popular demand that I start tweeting again? I have a list of things I didn’t tweet while I wasn’t tweeting and really the only thing worth sharing on it is this:   “Some sort of ”Bobby Shmurda / Peter Schmeichel” joke (not sure how this would have worked and who the target demo is. Nick and Nick? Plus, already did my one sports joke for the year)”.

Oh maybe also this: “Podcast pitch: me and Ned speculate, wildly, about whether various podcast-related personalities are nice people in real life or not (is this a funny idea? would that even fit in a tweet? Should probably just have texted it to Ned.)”

That recent Dark0 EP is incredibly good, one of my favourite releases of the year, I think that’s really what I’m trying to say here. How are you?